Florals take another stylish step forward with our Wild Flower collection. Overlapping slats of distressed wood make up the finish of this design, using palettes of comforting grey and neutrals that are given a sumptuous feel with a warm metallic and shimmering overlay.

Taken from the French word for ‘wanderer’, this wallpaper collection expresses a freer and fluid approach to bohemian florals. With hand-painted organic flowers fused with layers of metallic presented on top of a beautifully soft ombre stripe. This is then finished on top of a luxurious matt paper.

This collection features 2 designs with 5 colourways; with a spotlight on the Blush colourway which features a stunning rose gold metallic that ensures for a stylish finish. We also have brighter sets in our Mint and Summer colorways, whilst Sand and Shadow bring this collection back to neutral ground.