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Wallpaper Studio setting a new standard by bringing new products in this fastest  growing home décor & Lifestyle market.  Just started with retailing, wholeselling & distributing of imported wallpaper in 2016, now we are providing all kind of furnishing & home décor products under one roof in three different outlets across Odisha just in 3 years time.

The highest quality finish, meaning it’s not only our unique designs that we’re proud of, but the fantastic durability and ease of hanging and application with our innovative paste the wall technology.

There are few design elements that are as engaging as colorful wallpaper. The simple addition of a wallpaper in a fun pattern or unexpected motif can liven up a space in an instant. See our favorite wallpaper design ideas, from fully-papered rooms to spaces with bold statement walls. Whatever your decorating style, there is a gorgeous wallcovering to match it.

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Want to set a new standard by reaching each and every Households with new &updated products .In order to provide them a better lifestyle with most affordable price.

Our purpose of Designer Wallpaper is not just to protect the walls, but it also reflect the creativity, passion and inspiration taken from culture, society, music, literature, history and other best things in life.


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Laura Medina Manhattan, New York

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Issac Brooklyn, New York

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ERIK Saskatchewan, Canada

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