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Customized Wallpaper

Wallpaper Studio believe to provide superior quality of commercial and residential wallpaper.

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Rich Designer Wallpaper

Have a look on best wallpapers from Wallpaper Studio which gives an unsurpassed influence in interior n design,

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Graphics Wallpaper

Wallpaper Studio covers and designs your walls with creative and customized Graphics Wallpaper.

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Cork & Mica Wallpaper

Cork & Mica is more popular than ever for walls and floors because of its visual appeal and environmentally friendly qualities.

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Natural Wallpaper

Take in the beauty of nature by picking from our colourful range of Natural wallpapers. From woods, to grass, our gallery has a majestic

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Kids Wallpaper

Welcome to our extensive range of children’s wallpaper. From nursery wallpaper to teen boys and girls wallpaper

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3-D Wallpaper

There was a time in the past years when people used to feel satisfied by having a new paint colour done

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Non Woven Wallpaper

The non woven wallpapers are the latest trend in decorating. Therefore, whether you hire a professional,

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Metallic Wallpaper

If you are really looking forward to giving a noble touch to your room, then nothing can do it better than the

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